About Us

We have three meal times:

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
You can also set up an all time meal option.

There are 2 types of meals:
Packed Meals:

This is a combo meal of different courses, ideal for a person. Every item in this combo shall be separately packed in good containers, preferably paper containers and all the items shall together be packed in a cake box or lunch box.

Bulk Meals:

You can also list single options from your menu for bulk order. These orders will be placed as portions of each item and is to be delivered in a single container. There is no need of packing each portion of the same item in different containers. The number of containers depends on how many items are ordered.

You can add the packaging charge to the price of the combo meals and also mention that the prices are inclusive of the packaging charges. For bulk meals, its better not to charge packaging because the cost is minimal.

Since these are combos and bulk meals, you can set a minimum quantity of meals or minimum aggregate value of order, based on the delivery distance and expenses incurred.

Right now, each restaurant has to deliver the order. But since most of our orders are during lunch time, this will not be a challenge. You can set the order value considering this factor also. We will soon be coming with our own delivery service too. You can also choose your delivery radius as per your convenience. We suggest 8 kms radius at present.

There are two modes of guest payments:

Spot payment on the site:

General orders will be confirmed only once the payment is done on the site.

Pay later option:

Certain corporate offices work with us on a credit basis. Such clients will pay only after 30 days for the entire month. You can decide if you want to deliver to such clients or not. If you decide to deliver to credit clients (who already order regularly from some of our restaurants), this money will come to us after 30 days.

For regular orders, you will be paid every Wednesday for the number of orders on the particular week. If you choose to deliver to credit clients, this money will be added to your weekly payment after 35 days, whether the client pays us or not.

We charge a commission of 10% of pre tax value plus taxes on the commission. Your money will be credited to your bank account, deducting our commission.

The cancellations can be decided by each restaurant. You can either go for a non cancellation policy or you can set a cut off time for cancellations.

An OTP will be sent to the guest once they place an order. The delivery person has to collect this OTP and enter the same in their dashboard and a delivery completion message will be sent to both the parties, receiving which the order will be completed indisputably.

Since these are regular orders, feedback will be given to you on each meal delivered. There will be a common rating system, visible to public, but reviews will be visible only to the restaurants and Big Meals admin, so that there is no brand value tampering.

We generally do not encourage cash backs or discounts. We would advise you to price the meals the way it benefits you and concentrate on quality of the food and packaging instead. Our clientele is of premium nature and they do not prefer cheap options.

However, you can give a maximum of 15% discount on any package if you think it will increase your order volume without affecting the profitability

  • Profit margin for the meals delivered through Big meals is on the higher side as compared to other delivery platforms.
  • Since these are premium meals, there is little or no chance of complaints and negative feedback which affects the brand.
  • Since we concentrate on quality meals, we are tying up only with selected restaurants from a particular area and this ensures good visibility.
  • Corporate and bulk orders are regular in nature. Once someone likes the meal delivered, you can be assured of repeated orders.
  • Since there are no cash backs, offers etc, there is no chance of unhealthy competition between the restaurants.